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    The conventional gospels of customer service preach standards that are well known in the commercial world. The Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia takes a fresh approach to customer service. We believe that offering quality locksmith services at the most affordable costs ensures that all business can enjoy professional security services.

    Our Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia are trained and geared to do everything possible for the customer, right from anticipating their security needs to after-sales maintenance service for surveillance systems. The seriousness of our corporate endeavor needs no backing; our online reviews and testimonials from clients that we have services in the past are proof our quality services

    Finding the right locksmiths Though we are counted among the most popular locksmiths today, in the initial years, we had to go through much trepidation, but once we set their minds on it, we have bene able to achieve our goals. Quality counts and so does professionalism. We offer the best inputs and expert advice to boost the chances of ensuring complete security solutions when you call in Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia service. While your business needs might differ, it is important to invest in the right locks because you are investing in the security of your employees, data and possessions. Any breach of security can jeopardize your business and client data. Comprehensive lock and key resolutions

    Setting up a business and letting the enterprise find its feet follow each other. However, securing your business premises and the related data and employees are part and parcel of the nitty-gritty of the business concerns. No business is too small to escape the scrutiny from the point of view of the locksmiths. Whether you own a small store or run a large corporation, we cater to the business locksmith needs of any commercial establishment. Time management at Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia is as critical today as it was on day one and we value your time equally. We work quietly and seamlessly with least disturbance to your working day. From rekeying locks to installing CCTV cameras within the premises, we do it all. Aiming for the stars

    Ambition and entrepreneurial drive form the genetic make-up of Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia. The company and locksmith staff aims to dominate the trade in the next decade or so. Expanding the scope of our locksmith business and services is a natural progression from the high standards we have. We believe growing the business will enable us to offer a wider range of locksmith services to your and other businesses.

    Currently we offer:

    • · Access control system
    • · Card readers
    • · Digital and biometric locks
    • · Fingerprint locks
    • · Push button and mechanical locks
    • · Master key system
    • · Rekey locks
    • · Desk and cabinet locks
    • · High security locks
    • · Keyless locks and access
    • · Multiple entry systems
    • · Smoke and fire alarms
    • · Lockout assistance

    For numerous years, we have been offering unique locksmith techniques and services to provide businesses with security all over Philadelphia. Our Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia serve the needs of stores, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and other commercial buildings. With competitive pricing and huge stock of quality locks, we recommend using only good quality locks to ensure they cannot be easily picked or broken. All parts and workmanship is guaranteed so if you aren’t satisfied, call us again. We’ll be glad to be of assistance when you need new locks, open jammed doors or need bars on windows. Whether it is about protecting your business files, documents and data or the security of your employees at stake, don’t compromise on quality. Call us for advisory services and we will help you get the best locks and security systems.


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